Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone


The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

In the current era, losing the mobile phone is one of the wildest experiences. Mobile phone functions as a daily driver daily to day life. It includes personal info, images, videos, and other important credential information. Luckily, there are some programs are available on the internet which helps us to find our lost mobile phone. As we know that prevention is better than cure, setting up phone tracker beforehand is actually valuable to recover your lost phone. So here in this informative article, we’ll discuss top 10 free phone tracker programs for both the Android and iOS functioning system.

The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

– Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android
– Part 2: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for iPhone

Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android

Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android
Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android

1. SpyZee

SpyZee is a monitoring and spy app for Android and iOS devices. This highly effective monitoring tool is coded using an advanced algorithm that makes it simpler than other. As a parent, you can use SpyZee to track the real time location of your child, accessibility phone content such as phone history, contacts, images and videos, and other programs.


There’s no special skill is required to use this program. Simply, install it to the target device and sign in with your account detail.
It works silently in the background and the target will not even understand he is being tracked.
You can track the real time location of target device remotely.
It works on top operating system including Android and iOS.

Download SpyZee App at:

2. Find My Phone from Google

Find My Phone is a free mobile tracker program created by Google Inc.. It is equipped with lots of features that enable the user to locate device in a particular distance. Engaging with Find My Phone, you may remotely locate your phone and execute a variety of operations like Ring, Remotely erase info and much more.


Find My Phone is available for Android devices at free of cost.
It’s powered by three manners such as Erase Mode, Lost Mode, and Ring Mode.
If the lost device is switched off or not on the Internet, it will reveal the last location of the missing device.


Not available for iOS and another working system.
Only work on Android version 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) or higher.

3. Family Locator

The family Locator is a free phone tracker program from Life360. This app lets you locate your family members on the map. Family Locator can be obtained for Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS with a few unique features.


Family Locator permits you to produce your own family, friend, and mates circle at the program for free.
Locate real-time location of your relative, friend or even others.


Just operates in Android 4.0.3 or higher versions.
The app contains in-app purchases.

4. Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti Theft is a place tracking service by LSDroid. It is the best solution for an issue like to identify the theft and locate your device in a single go. You are able to access your device through the website in case you lose your device.


Unlike other programs, you will receive notification alert whenever your phone leaves the specified place on the map.
Remote control through text SMS from a different smartphone.


Not fully free, it contains in-app purchase.
Problem while uninstalling this program.
Cerberus is still not fully compatible with Android Oreo.

5. Prey Anti Theft

Prey anti-theft is in one locator monitoring tool from Prey Incorporation. This program is mainly created for location tracking purposes. It lightweight lets it operate smoothly on any device with no hang or lag.


Getting participating with this, you will find and locate your phone easily.
It captures snap silently and sends it to a email address.
Accessible for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows OS.


Limited Free account.
No alternative for remote wipe.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for iPhone

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a free mobile tracker app for iOS devices. This program comes with iOS OS bundle by Apple Inc.. You merely need to start an iCloud official site and fill login detail to keep track of your device place.


It’s possible to track the real time location of the device remotely.
Like Find My Phone from Google, it is also equipped with three modes Lost mode, Erase Mode, and Perform a sound.


You can’t set geofencing to acquire notification alert.
It is only supported by iOS devices running on iOS version 8.0 or higher.

2. Glympse

With Glympse, you can easily discuss your real time location with the assistance of GPS monitoring. There no need to register for the app just simply install and browse place. One can also cause a group to constantly in contact with your family members, friends, and coworkers.


There is not any sign up is needed to use this app.
It’s easy and fast.
You can share real-time location.


Battery Drain.
Complex User Interface.

3. GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is an iPhone tracking application that helps the user to discover a missing device. You can even use this tool to monitor the real-time location of your kid, friend, or relative. It is equipped with GPS performance and mapping.


You are able to easily find past 12-hour location history.
An individual can locate their relatives, friends, or kids.
Find lost and stolen phone in one click.


Require a lot of battery.
It only works with a device running on iOS 8.0 or greater versions.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is a iPhone location tracking app that’s powered by lots of powerful features. Engaging with this program, you can monitor length, speed, distance, and length of the mobile phone. You can download it from Apple store at affordable rates.


You can track your friends or a different device.
You can share the real time location of the target device.
There is no registration is required to access.


It is not free to download, you have to pay $2.49.

5. GPS place tracker FollowMee

GPS place tracker is free phone tracker program by FollowMee. This tool permits you to monitor the real-time location of your device when it is connected to the internet. It is going to always work from the background of apparatus silently.


You can track the location.
With geofencing, you will find the notification as soon as your device leaves the specified area on the map.
It now also compatible with iPhone X.
SOS panic mode.


GPS location tracker isn’t compatible with Android and Blackberry OS.
Eat a lot of battery.


Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely


5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

It’s indeed true that WhatsApp is the most well-known means of instant messaging. Apart from having the ability to be utilized for sending text, you can use it to get deeper communicating like sending attachments, photos and even videos instantly. This makes it stop delicate as compared to other means of communicating. Maybe you have noticed some queer behavior with your spouse or employees or your instincts are telling you differently. Then its high time you knew the way to hack WhatsApp on iPhone. Let’s rock down to a top ways you can use to perform the hacking.

5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

– Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
– Part 2. 5 Tips You Should Know When Using WhatsApp on iPhone

Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

1. SpyZee

This program is excellent for tracking both Android and iPhone functioning systems. The greater part is that it works remotely to keep you updated of every activity which range from the GPS location, SMS and Contacts, phone history and Social Apps.

The Way to Use This Tool to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely:

– The very first step into obtaining a successful WhatsApp hack with SpyZee would be to make your account. Utilize a renowned email address and password so as to get signed up.
– once you’ve established your account, you’ll proceed to finish the installation procedure.
– In this juncture, you have to provide details of this goal iPhone device. What follows is verification of the iCloud ID and password of the target device.
– Once you place up every particulars, all you need is to log into your SpyZee accounts and head to the controller panel.
– Out of here, you want to click “Social Apps” where a list of choices will be populated. Click “WhatsApp” and peruse through the actions.

Download SpyZee App at:

2. TheTruthSpy Hack

TheTruthSpy works by allowing you to discreetly monitor any action from the goal iPhone device. The better part is that you don’t need to jailbreak the app on the apparatus. It is compatible with both the Android and iOS systems including the latest versions. This app is therefore a preferred choice if you don’t have access to the target device.

How to Use This Tool to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone:

– The setup process only takes three steps. First, download the app and offer your email address. The business will then send you over the air details to activate your account.
– Additional details you will receive include your username, password, a license key and a download link.
– This link gives you an avenue to download the app to the phone which you need to track.
– The next move is for you to activate the program with the license key that you got before.
– Once through, use your mobile phone or personal computer to hack on several different apps including WhatsApp amongst others.

3. AppSpy

AppSpy works well with many iOS apparatus including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone tablets. The greater part is that it works in stealth mode hence the targeted owner can’t know they are being monitored.

Easy Steps on How To Crack WhatsApp Account on iPhone:

– Start the process by first launching the program on your apparatus. You’ll need to further add iPhone origin to the display by going to”Manage” then”Source”,”Edit” and eventually”Add” to include on the source.
– The source will be upgraded to finish. You then need to select package iSpyoo from the source and install it.
– This link provides you an avenue to download the program to the phone which you need to track.
– Just tap on the package you need, install and then click “Complete” button once the method comes to an end.

4. Phone Sheriff

This is another app that you can use to hack on an iPhone target device. This app provides you greater than you call for. It is compatible with Android, iOS plus a few BlackBerry and Mac OS devices. This makes it perfect for parents with the so called”tough headers”.

Easy Steps To Crack WhatsApp on iPhone:

– Once you put in the app, it functions swiftly by blocking the specified activities.
– After installation, you will verify the required information on the target device before you can begin to track the activities.

5. Spy Bubble

It’ll put all of the powers in your hand. Spy Bubble works efficiently in enabling you see all kinds of tasks from any iPhone, Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Its perfect especially once you need access to discreet advice especially from workers or your spouse.

The Way to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely:

– Spy Bubble is not difficult to use after you have bought a licence and set up it. The license is gotten online, so you can buy it from any corner of the world.
– You will then be issued with a license and further instructions on how best to install the program.
– Once you have these details at your reach, install and download the program to your device.
– This may open a path under which all data will be listed to your online account. You can then hack on the target device’s WhatsApp by logging in to your account using your password and username.

Part 2. 5 Tips You Should Know When Using WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp is the commonly used social media. It fits all categories whether informal or formal communication. For sufficient security, use these five tips to keep your private life .

1. Set Passcode on WhatsApp iPhone

Keep safe by setting a passcode that’s only known for you. Putting a passcode lets you export any conversation logs individually whereby nobody can gain access. In addition you have the freedom to synchronize with your messages onto your other apparatus.

2. Lock WhatsApp on iPhone

The other smart means to deter predators is to lock your WhatsApp messaging onto your iPhone. You can use a biometric mechanism like your fingerprints. This usually means that you have to embose your fingerprints to the iPhone to bring forth any needed information.

3. Block Someone on iPhone WhatsApp

This is the simplest approach to evade those annoying identities from the phonebook. Customize your solitude and keep enjoying your social life with just the invited guests. Among the steps that you can take include blocking or removing those contacts from your listing.

4. Turn on Security Notifications

With security notification on, you will instantly know when a new gadget accesses your iPhone. WhatsApp is able to send notification if your safety code changes for enhanced security capability.

5. Two Step Verification

This is just another perfect means of ensuring your data isn’t accessible by another person. To enable this, go to the”Menu” then”settings” until it is possible to enable the verification on the”Account” installation. All you will need is a six digit PIN code that acts as a barrier for anyone who attempts to access your account.


Hacking any social media app has become pretty simple with availability of powerful tools such as SpyZee. How to hack on WhatsApp on iPhone only requires a few steps and you get all the information at your own reach. But, there are measures one can take to boost security and also the hints let it all.


Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know


Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Can you notice any of your kids getting scared when they get a call or your partner seems aloof after a telephone? In such a situation you are worried that they are under some issue. Someone may be threatening them, but they don’t share it. You can use an Android spy audio recorder to reach the origin of the problem and help your nearest and dearest. When you know who’s bothering them with plentiful evidence from the spy voice recorder program on Android. Then only you can take adequate steps. If you’re thinking about how to find these Android spy recording programs, then we are here in order to help you.

Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know
Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

– Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder
– Part 2. How to Spy on an Android Phone? (Must Know)

Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder

Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder
Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder

We have collated this listing of spy call recorder apps for you to ease of your own weight. Proceed through the report, to learn more about apps that provide free and paid spy call recorder for Android.

1. Call Me Spy

Call Me free spy call recorder for Androidis an wonderful tool that turns your Android apparatus to a spy recorder. However, the way it works is bit weird. You have to leave your Android cellphone in a place which you want to hear a conversation secretly. From a different amount, type’SPY’ and send the SMS to your cell phone. Your phone automatically will call you and you may listen everything occurring in that place.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.2 stars out of 5


– Your phone might be discovered there and runs the possibility of spying being disclosed.
– You won’t know if someone steals your cellphone because you leave it unattended.

2. Call Spy – Install on target phone

Call Spy is a totally free Android spy sound recorder app. However, it requires one to let administrative access to the telephone when you install it. It records both the calls and then mails to your ID without letting the telephone user you are spying on. Since the emails are not stored on the phone, there’s little possibility they would know about being monitored.

Rating: 3.9 stars out of 5


– The program would require administrator privileges on the destination phone.
– In the event the online connectivity is shaky, we are not confident that the emails will be sent to you.

3. Remote Call recorder

This Android spy audio recorder app allows you to listen secret calls of a goal cellphone. All you need to do is install it to the target device and get the calls online. The user will not know that you are listening to their requirements. This program can record any number of calls spanning over any amount of time. When the telephone records are pulled, it will automatically be sent you on the enrolled email. The mobile phone will also have the recorder calls concealed but won’t be available across any media player. You’ll receive reminder notification about calls once in a while on your cellphone.

Rating: 3.6 stars out of 5


– Phone recording is restricted to mobile devices and might not work on each handset.
– Some mobile phones experience just 1 side of the call being listed.

4. Mobile Spy

Speaking about Android spy sound recorder programs, Mobile Spy sounds a good option for parents attempting to protect their children. It also helps firms get a clear comprehension into employees’ tasks in office. It can track the incoming and outgoing calls of their goal Android device, texts, contacts list, upload calendar entries, in addition to monitor the device location through GPS. Moreover, you could even restrict the screen time on your children or employees’ mobile. Actively monitoring made simple with this program. Since it allows you to make geo-fences for protecting your loved ones.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


– The app doesn’t deliver some promised features.
– You don’t have a free trial version.
– Not all devices are compatible with this program.
– Inconsistent and overpriced program.
– You can’t specify key words and monitor specific activities on the target device.

5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a paid spy voice recorder app for Android. You are able to monitor your nearest and dearest and workers by means of this app. You may also record telephone calls and trigger microphones of the target device such a manner.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


– Using your phone number, everyone can randomly get access to your device info remotely.
– As you don’t need the target apparatus physically to setup, its security could be compromised.
– This is a paid app and their customer service is not so customer-friendly.
– The setup procedure is very tedious.
– Not an efficient instrument to recover call logs.
– You can’t initiate remote commands and create watch lists with this app.

6. iSpyoo

This Android spy audio recorder app enables you to hack any Android apparatus without the owner’s knowledge. It may efficiently snoop on Android smartphones and tablets. Apart from that you can execute surrounding recording, understand their social media activity as well as make secret call to the target device.

Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5


– Reportedly, the program’s customer care support lacks in immediate answers.
– Moreover, this program lacks in expanding compatibility to wide range of devices.

Part 2: How to Spy on an Android Phone

While talking about the totally free spy recorder for Android, then you want to remember that none of these stand close to SpyZee. This spy voice recorder app for Android apparatus allows you to track a target device remotely, right from your cellphone. You can securely monitor your child or personnel, without alerting them. This program is appropriate for both Android and iOS apparatus. Using free spy telephone recorder for Android is simple. This tool can help you monitor text messages, calls, apps, record conversations and more.
Main features of SpyZee:

– SpyZee enables you remotely get 29 types of information in the target device, including messages, photos, calls, videos, societal media messages, etc..
– It’s a synchronous GPS location monitoring system to inform you that the whereabouts of your target individuals.
– It also helps you view their phone battery level. So that you don’t panic when the call disconnects unexpectedly due to low battery.
– It supports multiple browsers, devices in addition to computer systems, such as Mac and Windows PCs. Either you get it via your personal computer or mobile device, it won’t ever disappoint you.
– The monitored people won’t ever detect.

Get SpyZee App at:

How to Track My Wifes Phone Without Her Knowing


Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Spying the mobile activities of your nearest and dearest is completely immoral but these days, the modern life and being highly active on Smartphones may make a doubt. It can be very heartbreaking when you’ve got a disturbed relationship and you cannot track what she’s up with her device. People that are bothered in their connections are tired of searching solutions concerning how to monitor my wife’s telephone without her understanding. But now, it is possible to easily execute this activity easily with the assistance of spy apps. These monitoring apps are extremely effective and reliable which can cause you to be sure about whether your spouse is cheating on you.

Can I Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing
Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

– Part 1. How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing
– Part 2. 5 Signs You Don’t Have a Good Relationship with Your Wife
– Part 3. Tips on How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Wife

Part 1. How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Part 1. How to Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing
Part 1. How to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

If you’ve got a question regarding how to track my wifes telephone without her knowing, then FoneMonitor can be a reliable partner which could help you in this matter. This program works with a strong control panel, which allows you to monitor every cellular activity of your spouse. These days, there are such social media apps which enable you chatting and completely free calling. SpyZee helps one to check and maintain monitoring the messages, call log history, Whatsapp contacts, messages, contacts, applications, and images. It is both harmonious with iOS and Android devices.

Why Pick This Tool to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Understanding:

– This telephone monitoring program is highly dependable and comes with user-friendly interface.
– It permits you to check the text messages, call log history and even the internet browsing history.
– You can easily assess the Whatsapp conversations including additional content.
– It also helps you in previewing programs, images and video files on the targeted device.
– SpyZee is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Easy Measures to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Step 1. Create an Account

Initially, you need to create an account with SpyZee by visiting on their official website. In the second step you need to enter the specifics of the targeted individual like age, name and the operating system of your own device.

Step 2. Setup in Your Wife’s Phone

Now you must setup the SpyZee, to spy the iOS or Android device.

If your spouse uses Android phones, you have to install FoneMonitor app on her telephones , and then FoneMonitor will operate in stealth mode after the setup.

– Here, you have to get into the SpyZee app in the targeted device.
– Then you have to open the application and allow all it to conquer administrative privileges.
– After all, these steps, begin monitoring your wife’s Android device.

If your spouse uses iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to track her telephone without entry to the telephone by verifying the iCloud ID.

– This, you need to input the iCloud ID and password on the targeted device.
– Verify the iCloid ID and begin monitoring the mobile activities.

Download SpyZee to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing at:

Step 3. Start Tracking Wife’s Phone without the Phone

After handling the above activities, you need to sign into the SpyZee account. Then pay a visit to the control panel and click on the options provided on the left side of this screen. It will show you the results as you click on the alternatives like call log history, messages, web browsing history etc..

Part 2. 5 Signs You Don’t Have a Good Relationship with Your Wife

Unnecessary Arguments

Following marriage, the lifetime of the few totally changes. They must make adjustments and comprehend each other about their habits and duties. Where there is love, there’ll be fights, it is completely normal. However if you face unnecessary disagreements that come from nowhere, then there’s surely a big problem. It is one of the more important signs that you don’t have a fantastic relationship with your spouse and do not want to comprehend each other’s problem.

No More Dependency

Earlier, your spouse wants you to address all of her problems with your assistance. This might irritate you occasionally but it’s the trust factor that makes her do the same. If you aren’t heading a smooth relationship with your wife then there may be chances she may take major decisions . There’s no more dependence on you and it may be both the ways, either she does not want to disturb you or there’s someone to talk about her problems.

Hiding Important Things

At the initial stage of the union, couples take an oath to be clear and discuss every single thing in their life. If you are feeling, she’s hiding things from you or getting regular calls from unidentified numbers, then it’s clear that there is something wrong in your relationship,that why you wish to spy on your cheating spouse. There can be opportunities that she might be sharing her ideas together with someone special and you are not currently the special one.

Getting Indulged at Immoral Activities

You are occasional drinkers and love to spend weekends. Suddenly when there are changes in your relation graph, there can be chances that your wife might get indulged in immoral actions like drinking wine, smoking cigarettes or becoming exceptionally active in social media platforms. Either she’s in a fantastic trouble or some else is teaching her such sorts of habits.

Hardly Spend Time Together

Earlier, your wife waits for you to come home from the work and tries to console your own stress. But due to particular cases, there were fights and you barely spend quality time together.

Part 3. Tips on How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Wife

Be Honest with Your Feelings

If you configure that your relationship isn’t going smooth, there are a hundred reasons which may confirm it. But being honest that which you feel could be a much better improvement. Share your ideas with here since there might be chances that she could be hurt or heartbroken. Share openly what you are feeling and attempt to solve every situation at that specific moment. Never delay to sort out things when you are in a relation.

Get to Know the Reasons

Find ways to clarify the reasons which could be hurting her in one or the other way. There may be times when you blame her for smaller things and queries. Blaming and fighting is not the proper solution to this issue.

Give Time For Your Relation

Work programs these days are too hard to handle, particularly when both of you are working. There’s barely any time you get to enhance your connection. But it’s necessary to present your relation quality time that things may run smoother. Try to plan short trips, dinners, to manage some quality time in your hustling life. Times moves extremely fast and it totally upon you to manage it efficiently. Every normal relation has queries and struggles, but it’s essential to always give another try to improve it.

Listen to Her Heart

Most of the time, girls try to say something but they aren’t willing to talk what it is in their heart. It’s essential to hear what things to is creating her stressful. Attempt to solve her problems and listen to her with a open heart. Accept the fact that she’s your wife and will be always there to encourage you. These workouts will help you to maintain a good connection and there are fewer odds of betrayal.

Plan out a Day Every Weekend

Life goes on and it will not offer you spare time to increase your relationship. So, manage your own time effectively and share the moments and it’s the only means to maintain a good connection with your spouse.


Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android


The Best 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

WeChat is among the most popular social networking messaging programs that keep us in touch with our loved ones. You can send message from 1 apparatus to another via WeChat with no concern about the location. As per the increasing people and needs, everyone avails a Smartphone and the societal networking apps like WeChat. However, this is a significant source of concern for parents that want to rescue their kids from the ill effects of Online Social Connectivity. So, they’ve been a major demand for WeChat spy tool for Android devices, as it’s the dominating OS from the current sector. Follow the article to find out more about exactly the same.

The Best 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android
The Best 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

– Part 1. Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android
– Part 2. How to Use the Best WeChat Spy Tool on Android

Part 1. Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Part 1. Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android
Part 1. Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Want to know the top 5 WeChat spy tool for Android? Well, you aren’t the only person who wants to accomplish something like spying on someone’s WeChat. So, here you can have a look at the best 5 WeChat spy software that you can use to spy someone’s WeChat.

1. SpyZee

When it comes to WeChat spy application for Android, then the name of SpyZee is sure to some at the top. SpyZee is a spying application which allows you monitor someone’s WeChat discussions without learning any hacking techniques. Sign up for a SpyZee account and install the program on the target device, simply by these basic actions you’ll have the ability to hack into a person WeChat. What’s more, it’s also available for iOS devices.

Why Choose This Android WeChat Spy Tool:

– SpyZee can track text messages, contacts and telephone calls.
– Social media as well as instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Live, and Viber can also be hacked besides WeChat.
– It is possible to track GPS location of this target cellphone in addition to set Geofences.
– Makes it feasible to preview Pictures and videos stored.
– Enables stealth tracking, meaning the target won’t even know that their phone is being spied.

Compatible OS:

– booted up to the most recent Android 8.0 Oreo and iOS 11.

2. PhoneSpying

Every person who wants to spy the WeChat of the kids or personnel would probably understand how good PhoneSpying is for the task. The PhoneSpying such as the title is a well known WeChat spy tool for Android in the business. Using PhoneSpying, one can easily monitor a person’s WeChat messages without needing to root their device. It is easy to use and very exact, the reason for its popularity and loyal users.

Key Features of The WeChat Spy Tool for Android:

– PhoneSpying can be used to track GPS location of the goal.
– Accurate and timely delivery of reports.
– It may spy on different social media in addition to instant messaging programs such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc..
– Screenshot feature is also added to Android.
– Get key words alerts in addition to SMS notifications.


– Premium and intense versions are costly.
– Many attributes need rooting the android device.

Compatible OS:

– It supports Android 4.0.3 to 7.1.1.

3. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a new entrant in the mobile spy software but it’s quickly surpassed much of the old spy software. This WeChat spy tool for Android also allows spying on other societal media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber or others. You can also track the cell phone call logs, text messages, emails as well as real-time locations of the target. Furthermore, it enables wiping out the data on the target device remotely in case it gets stolen or lost.

Key Features of This Android WeChat Spy App:

– Easy to use with a blank interface.
– Supports tracking cell phone location.
– Program tracking allows which apps the sufferers use the most and block them.
– View photos and videos recorded from the telephone in addition to downloaded from different applications.
– Remote monitoring enables keeping track of your target without even getting physical access to this device.


– Since it is brand new, there are still some minor bugs.
– Control panel or dash is dull compared to other people.
– Free trial only supports monitoring GPS location.

Compatible OS:

– Supports Android 2.3 and higher.

4. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor is more of a parental control program than spying application for parents. Using this WeChat spy application for Android, parents can monitor the messages which their children send to other people. This tool allows monitoring WhatsApp messages, Facebook, Line, Hangouts, IMO, Skype and other social media and instant messaging programs. Aside from that, it has a telephone logs tracker, phone recording feature, applications blocking and screen time to limit features which are simply wonderful for telephone tracking.

Essential Features of iKeyMonitor WeChat Spy Software for Android:

– Tracking social media messages including WeChat.
– Switch the victim’s apparatus to a voice recorder and then listen to its surroundings.
– Cal recording features enable you to capture target’s phone calls.
– Track images, videos as well as voice messages.


– Root required for advanced features.
– Expensive monthly subscription.

Compatible OS:

– Compatible with Android devices from 2.3 and over.

5. mSpy

Owing to its crazy set of features, mSpy is the most durable WeChat spy application for Android that is available online these days. It supports spying on both Android as well as iOS apparatus. MSpy records activity of target device and sends it to the user via the internet. What’s more, in addition, it has excellence for tracking call logs, text messages, societal websites as well as GPS location of the target.

Key Features of the WeChat Spy Tool for Android:

– Lots of features and easy to use.
– Permit call logs and text message tracking.
– you could also track GPS location of this goal.
– Great customer service available.


– Not all features are available for non-jailbreak version.
– The free version doesn’t offer access to all attributes.

Compatible OS:

– Android 4.0 and above.

Part 2. How to Use the Best WeChat Spy Tool on Android

If you want to locate the most effective WeChat spy application for Android, then attempt SpyZee. It’s one of the greatest tools to spy someone’s WeChat messages remotely and subtly. Mean’s you are going to have the ability to spy someone at different locations through your computer or mobile and the target would not even know you’re spying on them.

Easy Steps to Spy Wechat in Android Phone:

Step 1. Register

Register for a SpyZee account from their official site with a valid email ID and password. Provide the name and age of the target telephone owner and choose the OS on his/her apparatus as Android.

Step 2. Setup WeChat Spy Tool on Target Android Phone

Download the SpyZee spying app on the target Android apparatus and install it. Open the program, sign in with your own account credentials and allow all permissions to it. Harness the observation button and wait for the SpyZee icon to disappear.

Step 3. Start Spying Android WeChat Messages, Photos, Videos, etc..

Log into your SpyZee account and click the Social programs button at the control panel. Then click WeChat to see the messages of the target individual.

Download SpyZee App at:

The Best 10 Parent Must-Know Instagram Spy Apps


Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Parental role has become more daunting at this time and era of technology. Children have become smarter daily due to the kind of exposure from social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp as well as Instagram. In fact, Instagram is well-known for bullying; and researches indicate that cyber-bullying is one of the significant suicide variables among the teens. This is the reason it’s advisable for parents to make sure that their kids are secure at all times by guarding them against these situations. These ten well known Instagram spy programs can allow you to guard your children against inappropriate pictures, cyber-bullying and help in matters of safety among other difficulties.

Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Part 2. How to Spy on Instagram Photos, Videos and Text Messages

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

1) PhoneTracking

This excellent Instagram spy program works on both the Android and iPhone apparatus including the latest iOS 11 and Android 8.0 Oreo. PhoneTracking comes with very powerful spy characteristics that allow you to perform various tasks. Easily set up this app from various browsers in any time and receive monitoring on your kid’s instagram actions. It’s a 100% protected and offers you a 24 hour service from the technical team.

Price: It has got numerous price options but the more suitable one is their Ultimate Edition 1-month subscription of $39.99 that provides all attributes in PhoneTracking. (Check PhoneTracking cost plan >>)


It Has a friendly Customer Care staff
It is easy to install and use
Can give you a peace of mind throughout

2) Pumpic Instagram Spy App

Pumpic enables you to view all uploaded Instagram pictures, videos, messages and other remarks on your child’s device. It comes with an simple to use control panel which allows you to easily navigate through. You may as well restrict restrictions on the target device via the board.

Cost: It costs an average of 30.


It’s an Simple to Use control panel
It Provides you an all round 24 solution for your child’s security


ICloud password is required for iOS apparatus’ setup
Some features will need rooting for Android OS.

3) SpyZee

It has the ability to spy Instagram and track photos, videos and instagram messages onto the target device. SpyZee operates by recording keystrokes and shooting screenshots. It is a great alternative for protecting your kids against cyberbullying and other sites restrictions. This instagram spy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, MacOS together with several BlackBerry OS devices.

Cost: It costs an average of $32.


It supports multi-language ability
Very discreet and tamper proof


It is expensive as compared to its peers

4) XNSpy

This instagram spy program enables you to get access to all of the photos on the target device. This app works on Android devices from version 2.3 and over.

Price: Its standard price is $29.99.


XNspy program runs on stealth manner and hence completely invisible

It’s easy to install


This Instagram spy program Isn’t able to recover deleted photographs Which Weren’t backed up
The tracked device Has to Be connected to the internet that you recover photos
Its usability is not varied, with much attention to photos

5) Instagram Spy app

What makes this instagram spy app to stand out is its remote installation ability. Its remote tracking mechanism enables you to monitor the target device from anywhere. Anyway, it’s compatible with most operating systems such as Blackberry variations 5.0 to 6, Android version 2.3 — 7.1 and iOS devices version 8 and 7.

Cost: It’ll cost you about $55 for a quarter vouchers.


It may be installed on numerous devices
It’s useful for various monitoring options


You Can’t use a remote controller
IPhone jailbreaking is necessary
It does not Have a varied number of features

6) mSpy

This instagram spy program is excellent for the worried parents. It will provide you the best choice to monitor what your child does on social media apps like WhatsApp and instagram. MSpy can be used with most Android and iOS devices such as the most recent edition of iOS 11.

Cost: It costs a whopping $59.99 a three weeks subscription.


Ability to monitor various messages and photographs from societal media programs
It gives you the option to block any website that you don’t want your kid to visit
Its analyze feature enables you to control many phones


It is not compatible with some versions of BlackBerry devices.

7) TeenSafe Instagram Spy App

TeenSafe is another dependable Instagram spy program that will enable you to see call logs, texts, phone place and history. Its ability to allow you to view all of the received and sent messages and photos from social networking apps makes it among the very best for Instagram spy. This program is compatible with all Android and iPhone devices, some MacOS and Windows operating systems.

Price: It costs about $39 a monthly subscription.


This app is secure to utilize
It is very private and will disconnect your kid’s data


It Doesn’t come with Many features like most apps

8) InSpy

This Instagram spy app lets you see any pictures including profile pictures by zooming to see it in high quality format. You will not be prompted to enter any password, simply key in a username and view the images. Instaview is compatible with most Android devices, WindowsOS and some latest iOS devices.

Price: Its price is approximately $99 for a quarter subscriptions.


Let you see photos from the target apparatus
It has the ability to zoom photographs to high quality form


It Doesn’t support some iOS devices particularly the earlier versions
It does not have most features

9) Spyzie

Spyzie is known Instagram spy app which will allow you to get a peace of mind when you’re not around your kids. It enables you to keep an eye on your child’s online activities in real time, so not allowing anything new by-pass you. It’s compatible with the two Android and iOS devices, including the newest versions. Besides being appropriate for monitoring online activities, Spyzie also comes with lots of features to help you guard your child against cyber bullying and restriction to unsuitable sites.

Price: It costs about $39 a month.


You will get a total peace of mind


You Will Need to Register to get an iCloud accounts to use the app

10) Salfeld Child Control

This is just another app that’s loved by parents in Instagram spying. It functions flawlessly while safeguarding your child’s online activities and other social networking applications. It can allow you to recover all of the conversations in the target device instagram’s account. Besides, it provides you more authority as the parent to change off internet filters and put time limits on the target device. This app can be used with Internet explorer 5.01 and many Android and iOS apparatus.

Cost: It costs about $30 per monthly subscription.


It enables you to set time limits on the target device
It’s likely to keep track of your child’s online activities


It is always necessary to test on usage logs as often as you can

Part 2. How to Spy on Instagram Photos, Videos and Text Messages

Monitoring the target device is the only certain way of keeping tabs on exactly what your kids do in your absence. Access to powerful spy software like PhoneTracking has made it easy to carry on such activities like actual time spying on the social media activities. With many advanced apps, parents are now able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can monitor any instagram photos as well as videos and messages on the target device.

Easy Steps to Spy on Instagram by Using PhoneTracking

Whether you’re an Android user or iOS trapped person, PhoneTracking will still ensure that you get what you deserve with respect to monitoring the target phone. This program works in a discreet way by monitoring the target device. Use it to check on your child’s internet life or watch over your workers while you are gone.

Step 1. Subscribe on PhoneTracking

Start by creating your PhoneTracking account via the”Try it now” button. Once you click on this button, then the create an account window will show up. Essential in both your email address and password then click on”Subscribe”.

Step 2. Complete the Setup Wizard

There’s a”Setup Wizard” window which you will be redirected to. Correctly fill in the data regarding the target device. These will include the”Name of the target device’s owner” and their”Age”. Move ahead and pick on the operating system of the target device.

Android devices will only require the completion of the”Installation wizard” and jailbreak. Otherwise, if it’s an iPhone apparatus, then, you’ll need to verify your iCloud ID and password. Simply make certain that the target device has triggered the iCloud syncing and backup support then click ‘Verify’ button.

Step 3. Start Instagram Spying

Once all the essential information has been properly entered, you will be able to begin spying on the Android or iPhone target apparatus. Do so by navigating to the control panel of your device’s dashboard. The left panel has a list of tasks including messages, social apps and photos amongst others. Click on the thing you need to spy on and get real-time information regarding the same.

What Data Can You Check in PhoneTracking

View SMS and iMessages: PhoneTracking can provide you real time information regarding the sent and received messages in the target device.

Play and download media attachments from SMS: Ability to let you preview, then download any pictures or other attachments from the target phone’s messages.

Track installed programs: You are going to have the ability to not just view installed programs, but also lay restrictions to which apps can operate on the target telephone.

Track GPS Location: it is easy to trace the target device’s GPS place via this feature.

Spy Phone Calls: Know the identity of the ones that communicate with your children as the app will enable you to track both the incoming and outgoing calls.